Do you have an unhappy customer and aren’t sure what to do to fix it? As a small business, you want to keep customers, as well as have a great reputation to gather more. Here are five ways to reel them back in.

1 ) Investigate What’s Wrong
It might seem obvious, but so many small business’ forget to ask that one importnat question of, “What went wrong?” You don’t know yet what you might have done wrong, so it’s not necessary to apologize right off the bat. Talk with them; not to them, but with them. This will help them feel comfortable telling you what when wrong and when, and then you will be able to offer a solution.

2 ) It’s All in the Tone
Persuasive language is where it’s at. In order to convince someone to give you a second chance and regain their trust, you must use language that will enhance the concern you have for their service. Don’t be mistaken, people can spot insincerity from a mile away. Emotions can run high when talking about customer service, so keep your language, tone, and if in person, your body language in check.

3 ) Let It Be Your Problem
I know that when I’m asked, “What would you like us to do?” I want to pull out my hair! Many unhappy customers don’t feel that it’s their responsibility to tell you how to fix the problem. Plus, they don’t know what’s in your hand of power. So it’s up to you to offer the unhappy customer two to three options (if it’s possible) to please and keep them.

4 ) Bait and Hook
Incentive is key almost 100 percent of the time. Offer a deal that doesn’t even have to be your product. It can be a certificate to a restaurant of their choice or something as simple as an iTunes gift card, because who doesn’t like music.

5 ) Give Them Alternatives
Of course, try your best to work it out, but if you did blow it… don’t be full of spite. Refer them to other business that can benefit them to show that you have their best interests at heart.

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