Hi Folks,

I have to apologize again for being late on posting on my week challenges.  Being pregnant again, I had forgotten how tired and overwhelmed I get and how easily it occurs.  I promise to do better but please bear with me while I am pregnant.

I am due in March so I have roughly 4 months left and we are all plugging along fine (except for being tired) here at our office.

Ok…for this week's challenge, I want you to do something you may have not thought of doing before.  Some of you may not want to do this and that is ok, you don't have to take all the suggestions I give out.

The holidays are coming up and people LOVE to get holiday cards in the mail or e-mail newsletters.  What better way to let your customers get to know you??  I know I love to learn about people's lives and see pictures of them.  I mean..look at facebook…isn't that a great example of people being able to share about themselves so that others can get to know them on a more personal level??  It is a huge success and that is the reason!

I know The Client Angel is meant for you to learn about your customers and their lives so that you can become friends with them hence increasing sales and referrals.  However, it is a two way street.  I know our customers would love to know more about us as well and we should let them in to see us in our normal lives..not just a as a salesperson.

Do however much you are comfortable with.  If you want to create a newsletter or e-mail and embed a picture of your family, I am sure the feedback you get will be amazing.  You don't have to share pictures..maybe just share a holiday tradition your family does and see if anyone else does that same tradition.  Create a conversation with your customers.

I guarantee that they will love to learn more about you as well as you wanting to learn more about them!!

Let me know how it turns out and the feedback you get from your customers.

Talk to you soon,