Hi Everyone!!

I hope with school starting and the holidays coming up that you are doing well.

I know I have been a little behind in my blog posts and newsletters. However, I have been sending out some great info in addition to my newsletter so I hope you are signed up to get those e-mails as well. You can always go to: www.theclientangel.com to get signed up.

I am so excited that I almost forgot…we have a demo now of The Client Angel!! Tell everyone you know about it and have them come take a look…don't forget about our affiliate program. If they do sign up, you want to get the commission each month for your hard work!!

With the holidays coming up, I know this is a busy time of the year in Direct Sales and in just about any business in general. Don't forget how to make the most of The Client Angel with your customers. When you host a show, make sure you sit down with each guest as they are putting in their order and ask them questions about themselves. Write it down on the order form so you don't forget and then when you get home or in the next few days, put all that info into The Client Angel and set up your reminders. Ask them about their birthday, anniversary, kids, family life, hobbies, the list goes on and on.

We now have the ability to have the reminders sent to your e-mail set up in a test database and are working to make sure it is perfect before we make it live for you. We hope to have it up and running very soon so you can use it over your holidays.

Again…we love the feedback here and encourage you to tell us your stories, testimonials, and ideas. We are working on our website to get a testimonial page up and would love to have your thoughts and pictures and a link back to your business on our site.

Next blog post, I will post a video of me (now 4 months pregnant) so you can follow my “growth” and progression in anticipation of baby number 2!!

Have a great week and I promise to be more diligent in my blog posts and ideas for you to use.

Jen Fitzgerald