Hi Everyone!!

We are back for another round of the Customer Appreciation Challenge. How did you do last time? Were you able to get some of the hobbies that your customers love and send them some articles about those hobbies?

I would love some feedback on how that went!!!

Here is another tip and way to use The Client Angel this week.

Do you know of anyone getting married in the near future? If so, contact them and congratulate them and get the wedding date (so you can send a card…of course!) When you are talking to them, ask them if they would like to pick out the products of yours they love and you will create a wedding registry for them. This way, they get the products they love and you can send the list of everything they want out to all their guests, family and friends. You can even host a show for them as a wedding shower. The bride-to-be not only gets free products but also is the hostess so she gets that as a bonus too. She will be all stocked up for her honeymoon and her new life as a wife.

Hint – Once you know what products that she loves of yours, be sure to track that in The Client Angel for future promotions and gifts you want to give away!!

OK..go out and talk to you customers and find out who is getting married soon. Let me know the results!!

Also..just on a side note….I just got back from my second ultrasound for our second child and all is well. However, I was sitting in the waiting room and looking at the magazines thinking to myself, man….I wish I would have thought to bring a catalog of mine and just leave here. I usually have some in the car for such occasions but forgot today.

So…make sure your car is full of your catalogs and goodies you can leave wherever you go. It is a great marketing tool and the more you leave around, the more exposure you have in your community and the more business you can generate.

Can't wait to hear what you guys have done so far and any thoughts you may have for us here at The Client Angel.

Have a great week!!!!!!!

Jen Fitzgerald