OK…You are in week 3 now…so excited for you as you may have started to get some feedback from weeks 1 and 2.

Have you gotten any feedback from your customers? Have you learned about their hobbies? This week is all about your customers' lives. Not just their special dates like birthdays and anniversaries but what are they involved in. Are any of your customers involved in any fundraisers or are their kids involved in any special projects or events?

If you know your customer loves camping, go now to google and get a great article about camping and e-mail it to her. Just say…”know you love camping and I saw this great article and thought of you”. That is it. Don't sell anything or tell them about any promotions. Just be their friend.

Do this with 5 of your clients this week.

Keep me posted on your results. I know others would love to see the feedback as well!!!