OK folks…I hope all is going well with sending out your 5 cards to random customers just thanking them for being a customer!!

So…this week as well as sending out 5 more cards, I want you to send something to your whole list of customers if you have a way to reach all of them. Ask them for their Birthdays, Anniversaries, Hobbies, etc. Tell them you want to get to know them better and offer coupons for their Birthdays, etc.

Now, you can start a Birthday club or sending out a card on their birthdays. You can send them an e-mail when you see a great article about their hobby…the possibilities are endless but the point is for you to stay in touch as a friend!!

Now…to keep all this information up to date and within reach is the problem. Here is a shameless plug for The Client Angel. It can hold all your customers as well as any information you want to store about them and then you can set reminders to help you remember to send out the cards or e-mails to them.

OK…off my shameless plug..heehee

Go now and get their information. The more you learn about your customers, the more you can become their friends and the more your business will soar!!

Keep me posted as to how it is going…I love to hear feedback!!