Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in not getting this week's article out to you sooner. With the holidays in full swing and the fact that we are implementing some amazing new features into The Client Angel, I have been swamped but that is no excuse and I promise to be more consistent!

This week I want you to poll all your customers and find out if there is anything you could do better. Here is why I say this.

I was listening to the radio a few mornings ago and I heard the DJ tell everyone about this restaurant he and his girlfriend went to. He proceeded to tell the entire listening audience how horrible the experience was from the service to the food. He went on and on and even though he did not tell anyone the name of the restaurant, he said he was going to post the name on facebook.

No…can you imagine being that restaurant owner and having a radio station broadcast how horrible your restaurant is?? Talk about bad publicity.

So, my thoughts to you is that every once in a while, we have to check in with our customers and see how we are doing for them. We need to make sure we stay on the good side of what they are saying. Bad or negative comments about us or our business can go so far in the community. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

So, go now and poll your customers and see how you are doing or ask what you could be doing better. They will appreciate the opportunity to give you feedback and you never know, it may spur some business for you.

I would love to hear your feedback on what you find out!!

Talk to you soon,