In today’s economy, many of you business owners will be thinking of ways to create new income, meaning brand new customers. But what about those customers who are already loyal to you? The names you already know? Don’t forget about these important people that have helped make you who you are. Here are five strategies to improve your current customer value.

When You Assume Something…

There will always be times that you need to make decisions for your customers. However, the times that you assume can be costly. You can’t create a demand when there is none. Make sure you conduct surveys often, perhaps once a month, about what is currently interesting to your customers, or what they would like to see added to your current list of products. Even a small sample of customers will help.

Loyalty Programs

These programs take coordination; coordination between planning, designing, and executing. In the past, I’ve spoken about how important it is to be personable with your customers, especially the most loyal ones. By personalizing a loyalty program for each of them, it shows the customers you’re paying attention. For example, high-paying clients at casinos are well taken care of. The concierge will know exactly what they like and don’t like. The clients are expected to be taken care of, and if they aren’t, they take their business elsewhere.

This should work the same in your business. When you have a returning customer, find out personal likes and dislikes, what they usually buy, and maybe where they go on vacation. This way, you can send e-mails recommending more of your or another’s products, based on what they’ve bought in the past. You can also send them recommendations of places to visit while on vacation or recipes if you know they like to cook. To show that you pay attention will go a long way.

Spread The Love

I can tell you right now that hate it when I see a business having a sale for new and only new customers that I can’t get my hands on! Comcast Xfinity cable company for example, has discount offers for new customers. However, Comcast also offers new deals for only current customers. So while I can’t take advantage of the new customer deals, it makes me feel just as special knowing they can’t get the same deals as me. This is something you should incorporate into your business for current customers. If you decide it’s time to offer a discount to attract new clients, then offer something different, but just as juicy, to your current ones. It’s that simple and easy!

Say “Thanks”

I will say this so many times, but it is usually the biggest thing… say thank you! When was the last time you got a thank you card in the mail from a company you buy from? Yes, yes, there are always automatic e-mails after an online purchase. While those are nice, it’s even more personal when you send a card in the mail. People will always enjoy “snail mail” when it’s not bills!

Continue To Connect

Remember to stay connected with your customers! It sounds obvious, but an e-newsletter once a month just won’t cut it. Send an e-newsletter or e-mail update once a week, touching base with that customer and customize (even just a tiny bit) if you can. Keep in mind that your updates and/or e-newsletters don’t need to be about your products every time. Your e-mails should add value to their experience with you, rather than waving products in front of them.


clientangel-twitter1 Tweet, Tweet! Remember and use these five tips and tricks. Whoever said “Out with the old, and in with the new,” was dead wrong!


In the comments below tell me what your number one trick for building great relationships with customers is?

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