Hey everyone it is Jen of the Client Angel and I am here to do another quick blog for you.  This one is the first in a three part series all about surveys after a trade show.  I actually had quite a few questions the other day about surveys. How to do surveys? When to send them out based on what you're doing? Whether it is after someone orders or after you set up a booth somewhere.


Surveys After A Trade Show – Part 1


The second blog about surveys was when to send a survey when you actually set up a booth somewhere like at a festival or a trade show or craft show or any kind of place.  The third blog about surveys was all about how to follow-up with the information you get back from the surveys.




So I just wanted to kind of tell you what I do and that it is not an exact science means and I just kind of wanted to give you an idea of how I deal with surveys and then you can take that information and try it yourself or tweak it how you do your business. Anything that works for you.  So we are going to break this down into a couple different video blogs so you don't get overwhelmed with the information.



First one is when to do a survey after someone orders from you. I will put a timeline at the bottom so that you guys can have a copy of the timeline that I would use as well to put in to the client angel if you want and have that send you a reminder of when you need to do follow-up. But going forward when someone orders from you here's how I would do it.


A few days after the order send them a thank you.  If you're at home show them send them a quick thank you card for meeting them maybe something nice about what they were wearing or include something you found out about them that was personal.  Just do a a personal note card to them or an e-mail however you want to do it.  Then a few days after the thank you card or email, I would send them a survey.  In the survey, I would say that you would really like to get to know the just a little bit better and that you have some really fun questions to ask.


Some examples of fun questions are:

What is your dream vacation?

If you could be a superhero for a day who would you be and why?

What is your favorite hobby to do?


Then from there, a few days after they have filled out the survey information, send them something else like a quick note saying “I know you got your product how is it going? Do you like your products?”  Then maybe at day 15 or day 20 after they placed the initial order, you use the information in the survey to follow-up.  If you want some great ideas for survey questions, email templates you can use as well as timelines to go by, check out my templates I have created for you to use!


The survey would be probably the second email that you send them and make it really short and sweet, 5 questions or less. Make it just fun, something really unique that you do for your customers and then use that information in a fun way.  The third part of this 3 part series talks all about how to use the information you get back from the surveys!


So basically when someone orders, the second email or the second time you have a touch point with them should be the survey. And again I will put the timeline below so you can see the order that I would do things. Feel free to take it and tweak it however you want to run your business.


Sample Timeline:

Day 2 – Thanks for ordering (and something personal if you met them in person)
Day 5 – Send survey
Day 7 – Did you get your product ok…how did you like it?
Day 10 – Use something they gave you from survey…personal follow-up
Day 20 – Did they want to order more or host a show or gathering?
Day 30 – Something personal from survey or when you met – personal follow-up
and so on…..


So those are some quick tidbits on when and how to send out a survey when someone orders from you…ok? Definitely go out and try these ideas.  If you haven’t had the chance to grab my free eBook do so now, “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them.”  And please share this blog with everybody that you know!  If you think your team or anybody else that you know that is in the direct sales or networking marketing industry could use this information…please do so, I would be so honored!!  I hope you have a great and wonderful day, weekend or whatever, and I will talk to you soon.