Tips and the Importance of doing Surveys (1)


I know I have talked about how to do surveys before on video blogs and have a whole section dedicated to surveys inside Angel Factor….so…when a client angel user was telling me about her success using surveys..I had to share!

I love to hear what you guys are doing out there that is working.  What I love even better is being able to share it with the rest of the Client Angel community.

Today's video blog is from Angela G.  She told me how she used a survey to gather fun tidbits about her team and then..even she used them.

I asked if I could share them with the rest of you and of course…being as awesome as she is…she said YES!!

So…click the image below to learn what Angela did to get 12 of her 18 team member to respond to her survey and better yet…what she did with those results.


As always…please leave a comment below or on The Client Angel facebook page because some of the best ideas/thoughts come after you have watched the video blog and share your own ideas.

I can't wait to hear what you think about Angela's ideas!!