Vendor Booth

Do you set up a vendor booths as a way to market your products or services?

Vendor Booths are an AMAZING way to grow your business!

Summer is here and that means tons of places to set up your vendor booth with your products. But sometimes it is nice to know how to get people there and also what to do with them once they are there!!

A lot of businesses will set up a vendor booth at some point and there are some fun and easy ways to get people to stop by.

Well…check out the video (this is a 2 part series!!) and I will tell you all about it 🙂

There are two ways I talk about using vendor booths and how to attract people to them.

One way is using a large goody basket as a giveaway prize!  Have people put their names and info into a basket or fishbowl for a chance to win one large goody basket or prize!


This means that you only have to have one prize to give away and you are collecting names of potential customers, which are like gold!  It is also like a lottery…people jump at the chance to win that one massive prize and will gladly give you their info for a chance to win!


Vendor Booth












Another amazing way to give back and collect names of potential customers is donations.  If you are setting up a booth at an event that is a sponsor event for a cause like an SPCA, offer to give a donation for every person that gives you their info.


You collect names which is what you really want and you donate something like $.25 for every name collected.  You are providing a donation and people love a good cause so they feel like they are giving back as well.  It is a win-win!


Need more help with setting up vendor booths, getting people to come to them, and also the follow-up afterwards??  Check out my Fishbowl Marketing for more ideas!


As always…post a comment below and let me know what you think and if you have tried things at your booths that got people's attention.


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