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It’s Jen back again with another video blog all about Email Marketing!! Do you ever feel like you use email marketing on your customers too much?  You aren't bothering them as much as you think you are! Check out this quick video and then tell me what you think over on our exclusive Client Angel Facebook Page.

I keep getting a couple of recurring questions.  One being is should I send out surveys more than once? Should I send out emails more than once? Meaning if you're doing follow up, should you send the e-mail once or twice or is that bothering people?


Check out this week's video to find out why I'm giving you permission to email your customers more than once!

Email Marketing!  To Send A Second Email Or Not???


Email Marketing

My first response to that is no it's not bothering anybody. If you have noticed, when I'm promoting something like a webinar or a teleseminar or something that I want you guys to learn from, I usually send you 2 maybe even 3 emails to sign up. And you know for the majority of you, 99.9% of you don't care you just hit delete if you have already signed up or if you don't think that's interesting you.  The same goes with your customers and a lot of times what you'll find is that they're just busy and the email got lost in their inbox. Sending a second e-mail might be a really great thing, it might catch their attention.  It is called email marketing and it is a great way to stay in front of your customers.


You know it could just be as simple as a follow up….right? How did you like your products? They didn't respond, so maybe send it a second time. It's not a big deal and I promise your customers will actually usually respond to the second or third time you send it.  I don’t suggest sending them like 16 or 17 emails but maybe 2 or 3 is not such a bad thing. And just like you your customers get busy, they get their inboxes clogged up, things happen, whatever but you know they might appreciate that extra one. So, anyway, don't be afraid to send your customers more than one e-mail when you're doing follow up or surveys or anything, I promise you'll get more responses back from it.


Do you need a great place to store those emails of your customers and you can check out my program called The Client Angel for storing your customers’ info and generating reminders to follow-up with them.


So anyway there is your tip for the day.  Take this and run with it!!!!  If you haven't had a chance to grab my free eBook “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them,” do so now.