Customer Retention Strategies

Hey everyone it’s Jen back with another blog for you all about Customer Retention Strategies! And I'm pretty excited about this one, it's a little quirky and a little fun and I want you to have some fun with it. I always teach for you guys to reach out to your customers in fun and creative ways and do things that are really kind of out of the box with them. I found this link that has different bizarre random holidays every day of the year and I've got the link below for you. But what's kind of fun is these things are crazy, they're crazy fun and so I really want you to take some of them that may relate to your business or not, it doesn't matter you can totally have fun with this as a great customer retention strategy!.

I love finding new fun resources for you to use with your customers to help you stand out from the “sea” of all the other business owners out there!

Today's post is no different.

Wanna find some wacky ways to have fun with your customers (I mean…customer retention strategies…LOL) that will have them talking about you to their friends and family???

Click the video below to find out what this has to do with “National Pistachio Day” 🙂

Customer Retention Strategies

Let me just give you an example, for instance on March 3rd, it's “I want you to be happy day”. So send an email to your customers and say hey I want you to be happy day… tell me what makes you happy!


There are tons that are really, really fun like there is employee appreciation day, if you have employees coming up that's a really good one. March 10th is…it’s middle name pride day. So reach out to your customers on Facebook or somewhere fun and say hey it's middle name pride day.  What’s your middle name?  Even if you're embarrassed you have to tell us your middle name.


Customer Retention Strategies


Have fun with these days and find a day that's coming up that has something to do with your business or some way you could transform it into your business and have fun with your customers.  Send out a survey and say hey you know that national middle name day is coming up?  If you fill out and send back the survey, one of the questions is: what is your middle name?  Once you respond to the survey, I'll put you in a raffle for X, Y, Z products.  Have fun and use this for your business and maybe run a contest around a fun wacky weird day. Everybody does Valentine's Day and Christmas and Thanksgiving and big holidays, why not do something fun and wacky on a weird random holiday.


So check out this link, check all the different weird fun and wacky holidays out there.


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So anyway there is your tip for the day.  Take this and run with it!!!!  If you haven't had a chance to grab my free eBook “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them,” do so now.