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Hear what others are saying about Jen Fitzgerald and how her programs have impacted the lives of her customers.

Rhonda Williams Testimonial“I am loving this program!  I have done searches, tags, reminders, and created a video.  I have sent out coupons. I have also input my clients info. Still trying to figure out how to send personalize individual emails, create surveys and newsletters… A weight has been lifted off of me and I feel fearless and I can accomplish anything.  It is an awesome feeling!  Thank you!   Love the email reminders.  Your right how did I live without it!”

Rhonda Williams


“Just completed week three – this program has been just the PUSH I needed! I leveraged October being my birthday month to roll out the surveys and referral campaign. Love the template ideas – that will save me lots of work – I'm going to do an Earth month template for April since my products are GREEN – thanks again

Dana Trammell Lee,  Founder of Dana Base


Untitled“Marcia Lozeau, lia sophia, Advisor here. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the possibilities. Your suggestions are so simple and easy to follow, especially with your excel program. I have begun to implement some of your suggestions and plan to continue. I should be ready to put together my first video by the end of November and have already started using the photo thank you card idea for my hostesses. You are an inspiration to direct sellers and I have already felt my confidence grow. Thank you for being there when I most needed a kick in the pants.”

Marcia Lozeau, Independent lia sophia Advisor


168858_443366139029663_797143568_nI'm so glad I decided to give Angel Factor a try. I really enjoy doing survey's and creating video's it's great to add this to my Avon Business. www.youravon.com/eugeniacole . Thanks so much Jennifer. To know we can remain in contact on this site and still have you to mentor us is fantastic.

Jeannie Cole, Avon Independent Sales Representative


Cindy Arsenault“I started using The Client Angel several months ago and I am very pleased with the results. As a busy work at home mom of a homeschooler, I needed a way to manage both my business and personal life in one place. I tried several different methods, but none of them seemed to meet my needs. The Client Angel is easy to use and allows me to store all my information in one place. It has made it so easy to provide my clients with the personal customer service they deserve. I especially like the email reminders that are delivered right to my email box…no more “sticky notes” all over my desk!”

Cindy Arsenault, Emily Rose @ Home 4 U Doll Clothes & Furniture

Fran MetzThe Client Angel product has dramatically improved my customer retention. My customers are thrilled that I remember their birthday and other significant events. Using The Client Angel has allowed me to focus on building and maintaining relationships with my current customers as well as grow and expand my business.

Fran Metz, Silpada Designs Rep

Phyllis O'Neill

Time, time, time … there never seemed to be enough time! When I finally admitted that I couldn't do it all by myself, wah-lah! An angel appeared at just the right time … and it was Jen and her Client Angel services! What a blessing!

I'm so thankful for both Jen and Melissa (TheGoldenRuleVA.com), because I now have the time I need to pursue my real passion which is teaching and training my team and other women to success! I highly recommend The Client Angel! Thank you Jen … you really are an angel!”

Phyllis O'Neill, Senior Executive Director, Thirty-One

Jeanne BontomaseYou have named your system so appropriately….I really do feel like this is my “angel” watching over all my business planning and goals! I had such a huge task of tracking everything I was doing and my memory was just not getting it done!! Nor were all those little scraps of paper telling me what to do…then I’d lose the paper!! Now I have an angel to gently remind me of all the “to do” things daily so that I am way more productive than I ever was before!! I LOVE IT!!

Jeanne Bontomase, Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant

Stacy Engstrom

“Your program has been a true lifesaver for me. I use to track follow ups with my customers and downline via old school, handwritten index cards. I have been using your program for just one month but, I already know how much quicker and easier it is streamlining my work. I also appreciate how you are adding features on a regular basis and are so open to feature suggestions from those of us using it.

I can't wait until I get all of my contacts and notes entered into the program..my business is going to grow due to the ability to do my follow-ups at a glance. Thank you do much for developing this program.”

Stacy Engstrom, Scentsy Independent Star Director


Carolyn Farnsworth

“The Client Angel has organized a much unorganized calendar for me. Since using the Client Angel I have been on task with my client care calls, host coaching and my personal appointments as well. The Client Angel affords me a much better balanced calendar. Thank you so much and I look forward to more new and exciting features on the Client Angel.”

Carolyn Farnsworth, Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant


Megan Spinelli“I have been using The Client Angel for about 3 months now. I really enjoy it. It has helped me by keeping track of what my customers/host bought and their favorite items and it is all in one place. It has also helped me to stay in touch with my clients. I put a reminder to call them about a special or new catalog and can change it when I need to. Plus it is easy to use! I like the fact you can use it on any computer. I am attending our national conference and I can have access to The Client Angel at the hotel's business center!! With working outside the home I can save time and frustration and focus on those income generating activities since all of my clients are organized using your great program!” Everyday you spend drifting away from your goals is a waste not only of that day, but also of the additional day it takes to regain lost ground” Ralph Marston. I truly want to thank you now I can now focus on my goals and not have to worry about staying organized and how to keep track of my customers. Hope you and your family have great summer.”

Megan Spinelli, Independent PartyLite Consultant

Pam PurcellI've JUST started using The Client Angel. I joined SILPADA to meet other women and develop lasting relationships. The Client Angel is just what I need to keep me ‘on track' and organized for my BEST YEAR YET! Thank you, Jen!

Pam Purcell, Independent Silpada Representative


Terrill YoungHave I mentioned how much I LOVE the client angel?? I put my first batch of leads in on Friday, I was able to tag all my recruiting leads which let me send out an email invite to our product launches this week in one click and I had a response this morning from a lady coming tomorrow to join my team!!

I would have never gotten this follow up done if I hadn't used client angel, this is a game changer for me. No more excuse that I have to do the busy work, I am organized and able to go from anywhere. Jennifer, I am so grateful and I know I will hit my ED goal in time to attend the fall training session I'm coveted in Chicago!

Terrill Young

Christine Flurschutz McDaniels

I just wanted to let you know I just started the using the Client Angel and my business in January is booming.  I am a little behind as my husband has been in the hopital.  I am a little behind in my weeks but I will catch up and I love the system!!  I am sharing some great ideas with my team and I am so excited about the change in my business!  I feel like I just went to conference!  Thank you..  It was a gift that changed my business!

 Just have to share… I saw on facebook that one of my past hostess had her 1 yr anniversay of not smoking. Plus she has been doing weight watchers for a over a year and has lost a lot of weight. I sent her a card congratulating her on her 1 yr anniversary and told her how great she looks. End of story She FB and said how surprised she was to get the card and asked WHEN ARE WE HAVING ANOTHER PARTY? All it took was mailing her a card that was all about her! It works so work it!!!

Christine Flurschutz McDaniels, Sr. Division Mgr Jewels by Park Lane


Carolynn Needham Varnagatas

Just started Week One, listened to all of it earlier this evening. Such good timing as I had been pondering my upcoming year, which I want to look different from any other year I've been in business! The Angel Factor is such a ray of hope in helping me to do that. Thank you, Jen!

Carolynn Needham Varnagatas


Holly Watts GibsonOh boy! I got in the Client Angel, imported my contacts, all by myself! Woohoo, I've even started adding info to my contacts and I set up my tags! This program is awesome! 

Holly Watts Gibson


Mischelle O'NealOMG I have been taking Jen’s Angel Factor class and I am blown away. I don’t know what to say except WOW! After going through her class you can’t help but win! I can see why she has been so successful all these years and why I will be so successful for years to come! It’s all about giving and serving others. Making them feel special and in turn you feel special too. This is nothing you wouldn’t do! Was making customer calls like picking up a brick for you? Now I can’t wait to touch base with my customer, to chat, share and catch-up with each and every one of them. I have so much to offer them now and using The Client Angel helps me keep it all together. It has become my new personal assistant that reminds me daily of the people I need to contact, the things I need to do and the occasions I want to celebrate! Want to set yourself apart? This it the way to start!

Mischelle O'Neal

Alison Purves 150x150“A couple of interesting things have happened to me in the last 24 hours…: I phoned a lovely lady who has bought a couple of things from me in the past as I heard she had been in hospital. She didn't answer, so I left a message just saying that I hope she was getting on ok… Later that day, she called me back and said how kind it was of me to call, we chatted for a bit (I didn't mention products or business at all). THEN, she placed a HUGE ORDER….” 

Alison Purves, Forever Living Products

Brenda Ward 150x150“Just started entering my info and what a system!!! It is just what I need and wanted!! Thank you Jen. I would recommend this to any Direct Sales business.”

Brenda Ward


Gwen Orwiler“I'm so excited to be a growing member of Client Angel! I bragged about you and Client Angel to my Business and Professional Women meeting. I woke up excited to get started scheduling those follow connection reminders!! Seriously! Finally, I've found something to support my natural way of doing biz!!! Yay!!!”

Gwen Orwiler


Carol Dukes“I now understand the value and ease of your system. I've looked at your Lesson 1, and then the overview, and see now that this system was MADE for me. I wanted to personally thank you so much for this – and I will be using it faithfully now.”

Carol Dukes


Rhiannon Dickson“I am SO loving the Client Angel. Jen is great and I'm shredding all of these pesky papers that have been cluttering my desk. I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on things.”.”

Rhiannon Dickson




Kathleen Rensel“The Client Angel is really helping me keep better track of sales, contacts and follow up. It keeps it in front of me and that helps bunches!! I added some new clients this week and updated them into Mailchimp too. THANKS!!”.”



Kathleen Rensel, Close To My Heart Independent Consultant

Kathy Dupras 150x150“I had a 30 minute Coaching Session with Jen prior to which I was feeling very overwhelmed & was really having a difficult time prioritizing where to best use my time in my direct sales business. Jen listened to where I was at & gave me some very clear, incredibly valuable advice & guidance & pointed me in what is NOW obvious is the right direction. Jen was super easy to talk to & you can really tell she genuinely is passionate about trying to help others succeed in their businesses. I can't thank you enough Jen for the advice you gave me!!I would Highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is struggling in their business or anyone who just would like a little guidance or advice from a very objective caring person. :).”

Kathy Dupras

angela garfano“Thanks so much for the tips on how to get responses to my survey! I just did one for my team and after sending out several in previous seasons only to hear a cricket or two I got back 12 out of 18 this time using the tips you gave me! Now I know some interesting tidbits about my team members so I can better Celebrate them and I know what they want from me and from their business. Thank you!!”

Angela Garofano



Claire Ulmer Standish“A couple days in and I am LOVING The Client Angel. WOW!!!!!!”

Claire Ulmer Standish