Online Contests


Hey everyone it’s Jen of the Client Angel and I am giving you another video blog today all about running Online Contests!!!


I want to talk about today is running online contests for your team and how to get them to really respond to those and there is this great new website called “My Team Contest” and I actually have a link.  Check it out here!


It's really great for running contests for your team when you want to do things like booking blitzes or recruiting contests.  It's a way for you to track who's participating and you can give them certain things you want them to do and they have to check in and you can see the progress that people are making.  You can give them rewards and really just run a great contest.


There is unlimited contests you can run; unlimited participants you can have; it's such a great thing. I'm going to be using it for the Angel Factor here pretty soon so that I can see how people are doing in the Angel factor and whether they're going through and watching the videos.  I can give them rewards for watching the video and answering questions.


Online Contests

You can do this for your team and I'm a big believer in running contests and giving out incentives for your team.  This really gets them excited and gets them going and gets them to where they're recruiting people and they're booking, setting up parties and getting bookings.


Online Contests


So, check out the link, it's a 22 social link so it takes you to a Facebook page and you can watch the video all about it but let me know in the comments below what you think about it and if you've tried it.   I would love to hear the success that you've had and what you think about it.


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