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Hey everyone it's Jen of the Client Angel, back with another video blog for you and today we are going to talk about customer evangelists. Now, a lot of people hear about your referral programs and things like that but customer evangelists are basically the people that love you so much to talk about you over and over and over again and get those referrals for you.


Do you know what a Customer Evangelist is?  Do you have them?  Do you know how much they can grow your business over their lifetime not just from their sales but who they influence?


Well…check out today's video blog to see just what I am talking about 🙂

Customer Evangelists as a Referral Program


Now one thing it's interesting is it takes 5 to 10 times more money, more effort, more everything to get a brand new customer versus to keep one that you already have. So why on earth would you go out there spending all of your resources on getting new customers when you could just work a little bit on retaining the ones that you already have?


Let's just say that you have one customer, I know you have plenty more than one customer but let's focus on just one and you’ll see where I'm going with this in a minute.   And let’s say they spend a dollar a day with you; right?  Now that could be one product for you if it’s a $30 product to a couple of products adding up to $30 over a month but we'll average it out to a dollar a day; OK?  That's $360 a year that customer is spending with you. And then that is $3,600 over a lifespan of like 10 years. So you can see where the dollar amount that a customer could spend with you could be huge.


Let’s multiply that by 50 customers, 100 customers, 1000 customers you can see the advantage of making sure that those customers stick with you and keep coming back and buy from you over and over again; Right? That's dollars in your pocket. And it's fun for you, it's fun to do follow up and it's fun to build relationships and it's fun to get to know your customers on a personal level. I love it, I love doing that with you guys.


Referral Program


The other amazing thing is that these customer evangelists are link an amazing customer referral program too!!  They love you so much, they send you referrals without even realizing it just by talking about you and your business.


So the other thing is that any time in a relationship when you know that your customer is going to stick around, you tend to take advantage of them, you take them for granted.  Sometimes companies do this with their loyal customers; Right?  They just assume they're going to come back and buy from them over and over again and that's not always the case.  There's competition out there, there's other people trying to get that customer away from you.  So you have to work hard to keep that customer excited and loving you and loving your product and that means sometimes doing a little bit extra effort but at the end it all pays off when you make that extra dollar a day for that customer over and over and over again; OK?


Think of these customer evangelists as your best referral program.  You want a ton of them, you want a whole army of them talking about you and your product and that is why follow up is so important.  This is why I keep teaching follow-up over and over again and I try to do these little videos to keep you motivated so you can see that it's not just all in vain.  Follow-up is going to make you money in the long run and you're going to be a happier person because you're going to feel fulfilled and authentic as well as making more money.  Go out there and make all of your customers …customer evangelists!


Do you need a great place to store those emails of your customers and you can check out my program called The Client Angel for storing your customers’ info and generating reminders to follow-up with them.


So there is your tip for the day.  If you haven't had a chance to grab my free eBook “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them,” do so now.