photo_editor Do you use Pinterest? Or share infographics? How about Instagram? This may sound like social media but… Okay, you got me – it’s social media. BUT this kind of social media, the graphics, relate to customer service as well! “How,” you ask? I’ll tell you how if you follow me down the page…

Images primp your website in order to invoke engagement, therefore boosting sales. I’ve heard over and over again, “But Jen, I have no idea how to Photoshop my pictures!” Well guess what? There are now free sites that make it so easy, your five-year-old could do it.

FotoFlexer is fairly basic and FREE. It comes with sections such as: Basics, Effects, Beautify (with wrinkle cream), Layers, Decorate, Distort, and Geek effects. It doesn’t have any wacky labels that make it hard to find the tools you need. You can also add animated clip art to the image if you feel like getting fancy and showing off your skills. Be aware though, it’s a tad on the slow side while editing.

PicMonkey is my current favorite. It includes a ton of features and pretty cool effects. Want that Miche purse to represent that shine it has in real life? Or that Cookie Lee bracelet to look extra sparkly? How about making your “Pick of the Week” picture of the Thirty-One Gifts accessories collection look urban and artsy to draw the consumer’s eye? All of this can be done on the simple, FREE website of PicMonkey. I use it all the time and one of my favorite features is the Theme section. Some features in this section do need to be paid for, but most are free and worth checking out!
P.S. Don’t upgrade. You can get a lot done without it! is great for basic editing need. It has all the right things: erase, paint, paintbrush, crop, basic shapes, rotate, and red eye remover. There are of course the more advanced tools if you have the time to adjust them: brightness & contrast,  levels, curves, exposures, hue & saturation, layers, and color balance. It just won’t have the snazzy effects like FotoFlexer or PicMonkey. The one thing that does have on their side is an app. You can download the mobile Pixlr app onto your phone to edit your photos that you perhaps snap at one of your hostess parties and you want to put it on Instagram right away. The best part about that? The app is also FREE.

Do you want new customers? Do you want your current customers to tell their friends about you (and only good news)? Eye-catching websites are a big part of customer service because many times without them, we wouldn’t have the customer to service in the first place.