We all know when we buy something in the store; we usually get a manual or recipe card showing how to use the item we just bought. But no one that I know of in Direct Sales is doing that for their customers.

Think about this….if you have a product that you sell to someone at a home show and they take it home….sometimes it is obvious how to use it but sometimes it is not. For instance, if you sell jewelry..you could send them a card with the piece they bought as well as other pieces that match it. If you sell food, you could send a recipe card and maybe one for something in your product line that goes with it. If you sell vitamins…maybe a card with a testimonial from someone that had great results. If you sell candles, maybe other scents that compliment the one they just bought.

You can see how this would work for any product.

I use a service called Vistaprint (www.vistaprint.com) for my business cards, postcards, and tons of other items that I can put my logo on and give out. They are really inexpensive and the products I have gotten from there have been great!

Check them out for items you can create with your logo, picture, and information on and use them to create postcards with the items above on them. You may need to create several since I am sure you have several products in your line or you can create a few that are generic and can be used for several items.

Send them out to your customers a week or so after they get their product as a great follow-up. They will even mail them for you if you want.

Your customers will be thrilled to get a postcard in the mail and it will remind them of your product and hopefully help them use it as well as encourage them to purchase a complimenting product.

As an extra little tip…I get my return labels from them but instead of my address….it has my name and info on how to get in touch with me as well as my company website. I use these to stick on my catalogs and info when I had them out. Saves me time and it looks professional!