This week I am promoting an article from Deb Bixler who is quite an amazing Direct Sales Coach.  Read below for her Customer Appreciation Tip!


Customer Appreciation Tip

As a successful party plan consultant I have often been asked “what gift do you give your hosts?”  My answer to that is that I give AWESOME customer service and nothing else.

The best way you can show your appreciation for your customers is awesome customer service from day one. Without that, any gift that you may give is meaningless.

9 Direct Sales Customer Service Tips:

  1. Don't screen your calls. Answer the phone every time.
  2. Return calls promptly. That would be within 24 hours or less.
  3. Respond to your emails quickly. In business you should check them at least daily if not more.
  4. Ask your clients their preferred choice of communication styles.
  5. Stay in touch with your clients before and after the sale.
  6. Submit your orders promptly.
  7. Follow up after order deliveries promptly.
  8. Smile all the time.
  9. Give your best away for FREE!

That last one can mean anything from good advice, valuable service, your time or your services. When you give every customer all you have regardless of making a sale, you will always get the sale.

Direct sales trainer and party plan educator, Deb Bixler offers the largest FREE training center on the web for direct sales business consultants.