Recently, I have introduced my newest program The Angel Factor! This is such a new and exciting time for me, and it can be for you too! However, even when you start a program like this, it can still be hard to stay motivated and be accounted for. There are two major ways you can stay on track:

Create a calendar [with alarms]

Creating a calendar is always essential but do you create one such as a Google Calendar and link it to your smartphone? Or for those of you that do have smartphones, inserting reminders into your Reminder app is always a fantastic idea. You can either use the one that comes with the phone, that will go off with a sound when scheduled, or download a different app., such as RE.minders (for iPhones). In this app, you can schedule as many reminders as you like and it will allow you to set a different tone from the one your phone makes when you receive a call so you’re able to differentiate the two! You’ll never waste time again, and this will keep you on track, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner and almost forget about that Skype meeting you have to make!

Have an accountability partner

Ask your best friend, a work partner, or a mentor to help keep you on track, as well as offering the same to them. Create a system so that every day, you’re checking in with each other at least once. This should be more towards the afternoon, giving the other person a chance to get some work done before asking the dreaded, “So have you done so far?” or “Have you finished that report yet?” If it’s your work partner, perhaps someone who owns the business with you, it might sound like micromanaging. However, if you’re working this system together to keep both of you on track, it become a give and take relationship. You’ll notice that you get much more done throughout the day because you’re essentially trying to beat the clock when that hand strikes the hour your partner will call.

Comment below to tell me how you’re getting along with your accountability partner. I always enjoy feedback and love hearing how things are working out!

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