Have you ever wondered what the cost of one customer is?

I am a big believer in follow-up and building relationships with your customers. Your job as a Direct Seller is to stay in front of your customers…they are not expected to remember you; you are expected to remember them. However, there is a balance in how you stay in front of them. Don’t sell all the time….spend more time getting to know your customers and all about their lives so you can be their friend and not just their rep.

The cost of not staying in front of them is that they may choose someone else to buy from when the time comes to reorder their product or buy more products.

Let’s say for instance, someone comes to a home show you are doing. They buy a product and when they get it in the mail, they are all excited. However, you don’t ever call them to see how they liked their product or if it was even correct. So they go on with their life and then they are out with a girlfriend talking about the product and thinking that they need to order some more or possibly even have a home show. Their girlfriend says they know a rep and so your customer calls another rep.

UGH…..That is not what you want!!

Let’s break it down as far as cost for this customer:
She buys some product from the other rep – $50
She books a show where her sales would have made you – $350
2 of her friends book shows from her show and they each have sales of $400 for a total of – $800
You could have made from just one customer – $1,200 (and it could be more if it keeps going)
If you had remembered to follow-up with her and build a relationship with her all that would have been yours and that is – PRICELESS!!!

This is just one customer! Can you see how important follow-up is and building those relationships?

Get out there and contact your customers..build those relationships and don’t forget to follow-up 🙂