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Welcome to Part 2 of Setting up a Booth at a Vendor Event!!

Last week we chatted about setting up a vendor booth at events and this week it is part 2! Getting kids to your vendor booth is awesome because the parents come with them. Get them to stay longer and you get the parents to browse your goodies and either sign up or purchase.

Check out my video for some ideas on how to get the kiddos to flock to your vendor booth!

Attracting kids to your vendor booth is KEY!  Once they come and are interested in what you are doing for them, the parents have no where else to go but to look at what you are offering.

This means they are more likely to put their name in for the raffle and possibly buy what you are offering!


vendor booths


Doing little things like face painting, temporary tattoos, games for the kids, stickers and candy can go a long way to attracting them to your vendor booth!


I know you have been to vendor events where all the people are clustered around one booth!  Those are the ones that are attracting the kiddos!


You can grab lots of great games and trinkets at the dollar store so it doesn't have to cost you a lot and the bigger the attraction, the more kids are going to be flocking to your booth!


Need some more help on setting up booths, getting people to them, and then the follow-up after?  Check out my Fishbowl Marketing!  There are tons of ideas for getting kids to your booth in there!  Check it out!


P.S….check out what my daughter did for my video 🙂 Make sure you comment below the video to tell her how awesome it looks!

Let me know if you have tried anything to get traffic to your booth and how it worked!

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