When you gain customers, you’ve basically created this world for them that they want to be in.

You have led them down a particular path where they now trust you into trying your product, buying your product, repeating these actions, and then referring you to everyone they know.

Eventually, they become customers. Not just customers, but loyal customers, and the way to do this to give such remarkable experience that they want to come back. The first step to this is to lead them down that path you want them to follow… only travel it backwards.

When thinking about customer service backwards, you have to start with asking yourself, “What do I want the customer to feel and/or think about my product or service 180 days after they make the initial purchase?” Then work back to the week when they became interested in the first place.

Here is an example of a layout when promoting a service (of course this can be used towards any product or service):

180 days after purchase – Send free updates and maybe even an offer to meet one-on-one with you as a last time consultation for advice and how to advance.

75 days – Send a special email offering 20-30 percent off coupon any other service or product to show your appreciation for their customer loyalty.

40 days – Send the customer an email telling them they have a ticket to a free 30-60 minutes (you choose) of either a coaching session or a basic follow-up to make sure they’re still on track with the program or product.

10 days – Email customer with bonus material and/or an offer of two to four weeks of unlimited support (email or phone).

With purchase – Create a welcome video, as well as an automated email that gets sent upon completion of purchase with instructions on how to get started, encouragement, and how to receive support if needed.

Obviously this process will vary depending on what kind of service or product you are selling, but starting with the end result in mind (the 180 days) is the beginning of a beautiful customer relationship and fantastic referrals!

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