We all love to save time and being able to reach your customers in a mass e-mail or sending out a mass newsletter is always a great way to stay in front of them all while providing them some information.

However, there are other ways to do this as well.  I use a service called Post Calls (www.postcalls.com).  You can buy credits and send out mass voicemails to your customers.  This works great because some of your customers you will only have e-mails for and some will only want to give you a phone number.  When you do the mass e-mail and then follow-up with a mass voicemail message, you are sure to reach your entire customer base.

Your voicemails can be to remind them of a sale or direct them to your site for something.  Or if you have a special of the month, it can be to remind them of it.  You could also do contest whereby the voicemail directs them to take action to be entered in to the drawing or giveaway.  The possibilities are endless.

I know they also have similar services for text messaging but there are a lot of people that still do not have text messaging so I find that the best way is e-mail and voicemails.

I caution you in that do not rely on this as your sole contact with your customers.  You need to sprinkle in the customer relationship building so it is not always about your product and a sale.

This is just another great method in your arsenal to stay in front of your customers!!