So, you are having a tough time dealing with your clients. You can’t get them to truly love and spread the word on your services/products. In this case, you are getting frustrated as your business is probably going nowhere. You want customers flooding to your shop and praising your products the way it’s happening with your competition.

What seems to be the problem? You have the best to offer, quite reasonably-priced and you’ve got a pretty eye-catching signage that is ever noticeable even if you are a block away. But you can’t keep them coming back. So, what can you do? Have you at least tried talking to your clients asking them how they are or perhaps how they feel about your services?

American businessman and founder of Electronic Data Systems Ross Perot once said “Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers.” Pretty shocking, isn’t it? How would you know their concerns if you don’t even spend a minute to say “hello” or ask if they need your help? Clients need attention at some point and you have to understand that being a business owner. The life of your business depends on them as without them, nothing will happen even if you spend thousands or millions of dollars.

Are you wondering why the small grocery store in the corner has grown into a big and one of the most popular supermarkets in your area? That’s the secret I want to reveal to you. It’s not the millions of dollars they spent but how they take care of their customers. Yeah, right you say. The truth is, you never considered what their feelings are but it’s never too late, you can start right now.

One sure way to keep your business moving and expanding is client satisfaction. How, you ask? You have the best products out there in the market. What else do they need?


#1 Display Warmth and a Welcoming Smile

Does this make sense? Of course, it always makes sense and is proven effective. You don’t want your clients to feel unwelcomed when they step in your office or store. If you greet them with a smile, that means a lot already. Spend time talking to them and remember to listen. Client satisfaction is not just about price competition but excellent service as well.

Pay attention to their needs and address those needs the soonest time possible. However, I don’t mean to tell you to go over the top. Just do it the natural way – this way your clients will start saying good things about your service by word of mouth. Remember, word of mouth is a powerful tool in increasing your clientele. You may want to consider:

  • Installing a Wi-Fi spot perhaps since everyone nowadays is technologically-oriented and everyone appreciates free Wi-Fi!
  • Offer free coffee and munchies while they wait – they’ll appreciate these gestures


#2 Show some Appreciation

There’s nothing more satisfying to your clients than saying “thank you” for coming to your store or supporting your services. You want to make them happy and contented. You want them to know you more, so why not throw a small party and invite your clients with their friends? This is one perfect way to introduce your business to your prospective clients. Give out your business cards and make time to talk to them one by one. Invite them to visit your office or shop.


#3 Schedule Discount Days and Promo Offers

Why not? Take these activities as a treat to your clients and prospective customers. Most businesses do these to attract new customers, but you can also use it to keep current ones and in the long run, you have a lot to gain from this. The more customers coming in, the better the sales and chances are they will keep coming back. Give out flyers informing people of your offers and how they can take advantage of these discounts and promos. Get online and offer coupon discounts as well. People nowadays are glued on their computers doing a lot of nothing. Once you see clients coming in, you might get overwhelmed.


#4 Consider Clients’ Convenience

Who wants to get in an office that is messy and totally chaotic?  You’re driving your customers away, so avoid this by performing a complete makeover. Repaint, disinfect, and get things organized. Display striking wall art and install a working heating and cooling system. You want to make sure that there is enough room for people to move around while inside your office or store.


#5 Employ Enough Staff Who Will Assist Customers

You can’t do it alone. You need generous help from your staff members, especially when you are considering expanding your business. You don’t want your clients left unattended and leaving your shop feeling neglected. You are creating a bad image for your business when you should be building an image that is customer-friendly. Keep in mind that your main objective is customer satisfaction and increasing referrals, so make it a point that you attend to each and every client’s needs.


“This will take me a lot of work and money,” you say. You have to remind yourself however, that it's all part of strategizing your business and catching the attention of the clients.

Put yourself in the shoes of your clients… how would you feel coming in a shop, feeling as if no one’s interested to welcome you or as if you have entered the wrong door? This is not what you want to happen with your business.

Gamble on a smart investment that you will benefit from eventually. Your business is already set up, so make some relevant tweaks and you will be on your way to building a great business empire.

About the Author:

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100 Omar Negron helps small business owners keep in touch with their clients to build solid winning relationships. He believes sincere appreciation to every client will boost profits. To see how, check out his new blog post here.