In the Direct Sales business, one of the lifelines used for customer retention is follow-up.  Now I don't mean the kind of follow-up you call them to ask if they want to order anything or if they want to host a show.  I am talking about follow-up where you send them a birthday card or call them about an event coming up in their life.

There are several ways to gather your customer's information when at a show or on the phone with them.

1.  The simplest way and the most obvious is to ask them.  When you are following up after you know they received their product, be sure to ask them about themselves, family, etc.

2.  Another way is to play a game at a show.   There are several games to play but here is one that involves candy (women love candy so it is a win/win).  Here are the instructions for the candy icebreaker game:

While this game is going on, make sure you have a piece of paper and a pen and are writing things down as the people are saying them.

3.  If you are trying to go back and gather information about your current customers, you can use a survey!  One I like and it is free is  Send out this survey to your current customers and offer an incentive.  Offer a drawing for everyone who fills out the survey and turns it into you during a specified time, to win one of your products or a gift card, etc.

These are just some ideas for how to gather information on your customers.

Now..the part you have to make sure you do after you get all this information, is to make sure you put into a system all this information you are gathering.  Do not just gather information on pieces of paper and forget about them.  It does you no good!!  Find a system that works for you and use it.  You will see such HUGE benefits to your business if you follow-up with your customers on things about them and their lives.

Try it for a month and watch the results pour in!!