I really loved this article I read by Tammy Stanley because it talks about exactly what I do and why I build The Client Angel so that everyone can have a tool for better follow-up and building relationships!! Read below:

I admit that in the early days of running my direct sales business I was motivated to make prospecting calls and follow up calls in order to grow my business as quickly as possible. Because I was driven and diligent about making those calls I uncovered a deeper motivation within me to continue making those calls. I discovered that with every connection I had the opportunity to develop a relationship and create value with another person.

I am not saying that I became best friends with every prospect. Certainly there were some people with whom I only spoke with once or twice. However, I learned that even in one conversation value could be created.

About a year ago I boarded an airplane for a speaking engagement. I was actually leaving one speaking engagement and heading off to another, I had worked all day, and I assure you I was tired, and I'll even confess, I was nervous about making my connecting flight for the next flight that would take me to my final destination. What I'm telling you is that my thoughts were not exactly in the present moment!

When I was putting my heavy briefcase into the overhead compartment, the weight of it overtook me and I ended up bumping the head of a woman who was standing behind me waiting to get to her seat. I felt so badly and of course I apologized, but she definitely seemed less than pleased with me.

Well, wouldn't you know it – when we got ourselves situated we were sitting right next to one another! I decided that it wasn't worth feeling uncomfortable sitting next to her for an entire flight so I turned to her and I told her again how badly I felt about practically knocking her out with my overpacked briefcase. She immediately lightened up and we started talking.

Within 30 minutes she was telling me how she had landed a rather lofty position at the Coca-Cola company while she was single-handedly taking care of her mother who was dying of cancer. Moments after that she could not stop crying and continued to cry while talking to me during the rest of the flight. She told me how embarrassed she felt but I told her not to worry at all. I understood that because she was the primary caretaker and the executor of her mother's estate (which was considerable), and because she had been so busy with her new job, she had not found a moment to grieve her mother's passing for an entire month!

Together we created a beautiful and healing life-long memory! One moment we did not even know one another and an hour and a half later we had impacted each other's lives!

Ah! A lifetime is not needed to impact a life.

A few year's ago our family was invited to a graduation party. The graduate had been one of Audrey's classmates before she attended the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory in Connecticut. The graduate's mother had hosted several home parties for me back when I was running a direct sales business. It had been a while since I had seen her so I was excited to go to the party.

It did not occur to me before I arrived that I would end up seeing a good number of my former customers, and I cannot begin to describe how some of them made me feel. No Wait! I CAN describe it – I felt like Sally Fields, holding a trophy and saying, “WOW! You like me. You REALLY, REALLY like me!”

Need I mention that after that party I realized how much value those customers and I had created in each other's lives? It was not a meeting of a salesperson and her former customers. It was a meeting of long lost friends!

Now, if you think I am going to tell you that all you have to do to grow your business exponentially is to become friends with your customers… HA! Keep in mind that the person writing this article gets up at 4:20AM in order to arrive 30 minutes early for spin class with Mr. Motivator (Yes, before many people have even had their morning coffee, I have burned off 800 to 1,000 calories! You no longer have to wonder… you KNOW I'm crazy now!)

There is no way I am going to prescribe sitting around on the hammock of lassitude and just thinking about how much you love your customers. What I prescribe is that you continually keep in mind the value that can unfold from just one conversation WHILE you implement what Malcolm Gladwell calls “The Tipping Point.”

In his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, Gladwell maintains th at there is a magical moment when something crosses a threshold, tips, and then grows exponentially. An example he gives of this is with a hypothetical 24-hour flu epidemic. With a 2% infection rate, if 1,000 people infected with the flu bug each came in contact with 50 people that day, another 1,000 people would have the flu bug the following day (Hang in there with me because this gets VERY interesting!). In that scenario you have what is called a flu bug in equilibrium. Because it is only a 24-hour flu bug, the 1,000 that have it today will not have it tomorrow, when the newly 1,000 infected people do. And so it will remain, continually in equilibrium.

But pay attention to what happens at the tipping point. If the 1000 people that are infected all come in contact with 55 people instead of just 50, instead of maintaining that equilibrium, the flu bug will become an epidemic, and in just 3 months nearly three million people will be infected! Ahem, that is what you could call, ” A LONG ways away from equilibrium!”

How do you implement the tipping point into your business? When you have made the 5 prospecting calls you were going to make today, you pick up the phone and make one more. When you have scheduled the 8 bookings or appointments that you need for this month, you call until you book just one more. As in the example above, when the infected people came in contact with 55 instead of 50 people dramatic change occurred. Likewise, you do just 10% more and you experience a dramatic increase in business.

Kindle the fire within you by remembering that one conversation can create untold value in your and in another person's life. Then, use that fired up energy to do just a wee bit more in your business. That wee little bit more multiplied over a number of days creates the tipping factor, a magical moment when your business begins to grow like a wildfire!

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