We all do something special for people’s birthdays. We send a card or an e-mail, sometimes pick up the phone and call them. We offer them a coupon for their birthday month or a special gift with purchase. But how sad is it to only get these special treatments one time a year??

Have you ever thought about celebrating someone’s ½ birthday? Exactly 6 months after their birthday and 6 months before their next one.

HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I can guarantee that no one will be expecting it from you!

Offer them the same thing or a slight change from what you offer them on their birthday…if you offer your customers 30% off on their actual birthday, offer them 15% off on their ½ birthday. It is ½ after all!!

Go in and set up a reminder for someone’s ½ birthday and remember to send them a card, e-mail or give them a phone call. I am sure they will be surprised and shocked when you remember their ½ birthday.

What they will do is remember you and talk about it to their friends/family. Who else is celebrating this milestone in their lives.

No one…except you 🙂