Thank you cards

Do you ever wonder how to do Thank You Cards the right way?

I am guessing the answer is YES!

Don't worry…we all do!  Thank You cards can be super easy but there are some fun and creative ways to make them even better and help you stand out even more!

Writing Thank You cards is an easy way to show sincere appreciation and build a closer relationship with your customers.  The crazy thing is that it is sooooo simple yet few business owners take the time to really show their customers they care.

Thank you cards are a GREAT way to help you stand out.  It is hard to compete when others are selling the same thing you are or the prices of your competitors are about the same.  You need something to make you stand apart!

Carving out your spot in the marketplace can be as simple as sending a Thank You card.  In a time where over half of consumers don't feel appreciated by those they buy from, this one thing will put you leaps and bounds above your competitors.

So…how do you really do a proper Thank You Card?  Well..for starters, you can make it fun.  Check out the image of an actual card I bought at Target.  It says Thank You but then has that fun little phrase underneath it.

Thank you card

How much did you smile when you read the part that says “Not sent from my phone”?  We spend too much time on our phones!  (I am guilty as charged too!)

Here is the kicker….are you ready for it??

Thank your customers without the expectation of anything in return!


They will be blown away when you don't ask for anything…no sales, no discounts, nothing.  Just a Thank You.

If you can be personal in that same Thank you card, then even better!

So, I know that you are thinking right now…this can be overwhelming.  How am I going to  send a Thank You card to everyone?  Let me help you by sorting your customers into buckets!

Thank you cards

If you are just starting out, sending a Thank You card to every customer might be ok.  But this is not sustainable or reasonable.  So, creating groups of customers that you can thank will help.

  1. Repeat customers – Sending a special Thank You card to repeat customers will help them to keep coming back for more and more!
  2. High End Customers – These customers spend the most with you.  Pick your top 10% and send them a Thank You card and maybe a sample of a product as well.  Really work hard to surprise and delight them!
  3. Send a Birthday card to customers on their birthday and if you can, on their 1/2 Birthday.  Who does that???  You do…that's who!!!
  4. Completely random acts of kindness.  Pick 5 random customers a week or month to send a Thank You Card to.  Keep track of who you send them to so you send them to 5 new random customers each time.

This is an example of what the inside of cards I like to send out look like:

Thank you card

See how easy and friendly that verbiage is?  Wouldn't you love to get a card that says that from someone you bought from?  I know you would.

Go out there and send some amazing Thank You cards people!!!

So if you are just watching me for the first time and have not grabbed my free eBook, it is “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation” and we all want that. And yes I would love to talk to you, chat with you, leave some comments  I would also love if you share this post with everybody that you know because any way that we can spread the word and help people is always a good day.