Hey everyone its Jen and I am back with the third video blog all about surveys!  Surveys are a great way to reach out to past customers and learn things about new customers.  Making surveys fun and quirky is what will get people to respond!


Surveys After A Trade Show – Part 3


I wanted to finish up the last of the video blogs all about surveys. So the first blog about surveys is where we talked about when to send a survey after you do a home show or you meet someone and they order from you. The second blog about surveys was when to send a survey when you actually set up a booth somewhere like at a festival or a trade show or craft show or any kind of place.



This one is going to be about, how now you've got their information what are you going to do with it? What are you going to do that's fun and out-of-the-box and interesting? We talked a little bit about how if they said their dream vacation was Greece, that you would go to go to google images, use that link and then put it into a quick e-mail to your customer and off you go!  When they answer about who their favorite superhero is, how to find a cute article or a picture of their superhero and send it to them. But one of the things I also wanted you to know is that you can ask people about their favorite band or their favorite books or all sorts of fun questions.  I have a great resource with tons of survey question ideas as well as email templates, etc for you to use to reach out to your customers!


Sometimes it is tough to get people to fill out a survey and if you can't get them to fill it out, a great way to go and get that information is on their Facebook about page.  People post things about their music, books, likes, interests and all other kinds of great information for you to use.


So what you could do (and this is a little bit of social proof too which is always good) is you could post things on people’s Facebook page that you know about them.  Use me as an example…… say you met me at a festival or you met me at a home show and you're going to send me a survey. And then you're going to use that information about me from the survey!  Let’s say I was talking about the fact that I really love basketball (I mean basketball is one of my most favorite things that if you have followed me at all you know I coach).  I'm super involved with basketball and I love to spend all my days in the gym. So, one thing that you could do is go to my Facebook page and send me a quick article about basketball or a team I love.  Or on my Facebook page you can post about basketball or a cool clip from the game the previous night and you don't even have to be involved in sports or like sports!  That's not important at this point but you're trying to reach out to your customers and have a touch point with them that they enjoy and they love. And so if I'm your ideal customer and you wanted to impress me and you wanted my friends to see a little bit about you then you could post something on my Facebook page.  Examples are:  a clip from the previous night's sports game, a video from YouTube of my favorite band, an Amazon link to a book that my one of my favorite authors has written,  a really great recipe about brownies because you know I love chocolate or whatever it is. But you're posting it on my Facebook page then not only are you impressing me that you know this stuff but then all my friends are seeing it too and that's even more impressive.


So just a little tidbit on some things you can do with the information you get back from surveys.  Tell your customers that it was so great to have met you at XYZ festival, I can't wait to get to know you a little bit better, here's a fun survey I would love for you to fill out.  And then use that information and have fun with it and don't use all the information in the first e-mail, that's another quick tidbit.  Spread out the info so you have things to chat with them over time….right?


Let's say you ask them five questions, use information from question number one to send them a quick link or post on their Facebook page.  Then later on, when you get another prompt in your email from the timeline you have set up in Client Angel (the tracking tool I built to help you with follow-up) that tells you to do something personal use question number two and send them something fun and so on and so on and as they respond, you'll gather more information.  This is how you build a relationship with your customers.


So those are some quick tidbits on things to do with the information once you get it from a survey…ok? Definitely go out and try these ideas.  If you haven't had the chance to grab my free eBook do so now, “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them.”  And please share this blog with everybody that you know!  If you think your team or anybody else that you know that is in the direct sales or networking marketing industry could use this information…please do so, I would be so honored!!  I hope you have a great and wonderful day, weekend or whatever, and I will talk to you soon.