Hey everyone it’s Jen back with the second round all about when to send out surveys and the video blog in case you like to watch instead. The first blog about surveys is where we talked about when to send a survey after you do a home show or you meet someone and they order from you. The third blog about surveys was all about how to follow-up with the information you get back from the surveys.


Surveys After A Trade Show – Part 2


Today we're going to talk about what happens when you are setting up a booth somewhere like at a trade show or vendor event or any of those kinds of places and when you send a survey out. So for instance usually if you're setting up a booth somewhere your collecting names in some kind of fish bowl. And I talked about how to collect the names and what to do with them also in the program that I have called fishbowl marketing.   It lays everything out on what to do to get people to come to your booth and what to do once they get there, how to collect their information, get them to give you their information and tons more information.




The question now is when you collect people’s information and you have it all in front of you, what do you do with it?  What I would do is send them a really quick short e-mail saying thanks for attending the event and I'm so happy to have met you at XYZ trade show, fair, or craft event.  And then 3 or 4 days after that I would send them a quick survey and say that you met them at the event. Tell them it was so great to have met them, that you got their information in the fish bowl and then mention something personal that you remember about them.  Here is how you remember something personal about them…..when they put their information in the fishbowl if you can grab it pull it back out really quick, write something personal down about them: great shoes, great hair, great purse, great whatever, you know cute little boy or I had their puppy with them or whatever it was write it out so that when you do contact them back you can have that little personal tidbit in there.  When you follow-up with something personal about them, it will blow them away!!!


Then you're going to send them a survey and you are going to ask them some more personal questions. Start off with something like, “I love to get to know my customers on a personal level and would love to have you fill out this fun survey”.  Ask them fun questions: dream vacation?, if you could be a superhero for a day who would you be and why?, Hobbies, family, personal life, job anything you want to ask.  If you want some great ideas for survey questions, email templates you can use as well as timelines to go by, check out my templates I have created for you to use!



In my program the Angel Factor I talk all about surveys what a kind of questions you can ask, how to get them to fill them out all that great stuff. But for this blog were purely talking about the timeline of when you should send one.


So usually you send your customer 2 or 3 e-mails right after the show.  The first one thanking them for attending your booth and it was so great to meet them.  Make sure to mention something personal like “You really had some great shoes and I loved them I'd love to know where you got them.”  Then the second email maybe a few days later is telling them how nice it was to meet them and asking them to fill out the survey because you like to do things different as a representative.


Sample Timeline:

Day 2 – Thanks for attending the trade show (and something personal about them you noticed)

Day 5 – Send survey – put them in running with everyone that attended the trade show for one gift basket or something of the like

Day 7 – If they bought something at the trade show – follow-up on that or if they didn't…ask them if they want more info…or had questions

Day 10 – use something they gave you from survey..personal follow-up

Day 20 – Did they want to order anything or host a show or gathering?

Day 30 – something personal from survey or when you met – personal follow-up and so on…..


Here is a quick tip to get people to fill out the surveys when you send them.  Tell them that you are sending the survey out to everyone you met at the event.  For those that fill out the survey by X date, you will put them in the running for a free gift basket of your products.  You can also use this as a way to get people to fill out the survey from a home show.  The gift basket or gift doesn't have to be expensive and you only have to give away one.  It is like the lottery…people will fill out the survey for a chance to win the prize.  There are no guarantees that they will win.


Try not to get too stressed out on the timing of when you send your emails out to customers.  You know waiting too long can be bad but within a week timeframe of someone coming to an event is really just fine for sending the survey.


So those are some quick tidbits on when and how to send out a survey when someone orders from you…ok? Definitely go out and try these ideas.  If you haven’t had the chance to grab my free eBook do so now, “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation with them.”  And please share this blog with everybody that you know!  If you think your team or anybody else that you know that is in the direct sales or networking marketing industry could use this information…please do so, I would be so honored!!  I hope you have a great and wonderful day, weekend or whatever, and I will talk to you soon.