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How many times have you been shocked into buying something? “40% off?!?! What?!” Then you buy that product because you just had to, right? Well surprise tactics can definitely work as a marketing tool. Create surprises through outlets such as social media or email marketing. Brands can be so predictable nowadays. They have the same style, same offers, and same voice.

Surprise can create relationships

Relationships that are passionate that is. Spice things up with the element of surprise. When you give a customer something that is less common than the neighboring direct seller’s website, they will be more likely to purchase… or at the very least, take a look around. Try something new or daring with your clients, new or old.

Change their behavior

Stimulate them. Surprise can stimulate your customers, or even you! To think of a great surprise requires innovative strategies and also means you have to train your mind to think in this way. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes… what expectations would you have for this (your) exact same company? Whatever you answer (which will probably be the best of the best) that is the exact details… or surprise… that the client needs.

Emotions are spiked

When you are surprised (imagine a surprise birthday party), this isn’t a new emotion, right? This is an enhanced emotion. An emotion amplifies whatever you’re feeling in that moment. Anger and surprise for example, is outrage. When we’re already happy and a good surprise happens, more dopamine and serotonin are released to make us feel even happier. How happy are you when that new shirt or new electronic arrives in the mail before the due date? You’re delighted, right? That feeling is one of the best and it’s things just as that can build up your reputation as one of the best.

Some hate surprises, but if it’s a good surprise, most of the time those people won’t be upset. Most humans initial reactions to a surprise is positive. Because of movies, all most people want is a little serendipity… those fantastic surprises that happen we least expect them and at the same time, grabbing the attention of a new (or even recent) consumer.

Please feel free to share an example when a marketing effort surprised you and how you reacted (good or badly).