There is a multitude of ways to stay in touch with your customers.  These days it can be very easy and not time consuming at all.

There are the old fashioned ways (which I sometimes think are the best) such as  getting on the phone or sending an actual card or letter in the mail.

The more popular (but sometimes less personal) is email, facebook, twitter, and linked in.  I use all of these and try to be active every day.  I sometimes slip and don’t post anything for a few days and you will too…no biggie..sometimes life gets busy!!

Use all of these methods to stay in touch…a lot of people love facebook and if you find you can reach your customers and get to know them better that way…do it..track all those things they say about themselves or families and use it to send them emails or message them back…become their friend!!!

I use Hootsuite ( to post all my info and help me to manage all my accounts in one place which is very nice and saves time.

I also have an AMAZING assistant – Chelsey Reinkens….she is AWESOME and helps me do tons of stuff and she is so good at it.  If you are looking for some help with social media..she is the girl to go to!!  You can check her out at:

She has helped me tremendously and I just adore her and want to share her with you…connect with her and she how she can change your business!!

Hugs – Jen