It is that time of year again for us to make our resolutions about our upcoming year and what we plan to accomplish.

Most of us revolve those around losing weight but this year, I am focusing on The Client Angel and how to expose it to more people and how to keep growing.

Now is the time for us to put into motion our systems and ideas for how we are going to get to that next level in our lives and our businesses.

Here are some questions I am asking myself and that I wanted to share with you:

1. What kind of systems are you using and are they working for what you need them to do?
2. Are you doing what you say you are going to do with regards to your customers and hostesses?
3. How are you setting up your reminders for your hostess coaching and follow-up calls?
4. Are you learning about your customers and downline's lives so that you can become more of a friend to them and build those relationships so desperately need in today's times?

These are just a few of the things I have been thinking about and how to build these systems into The Client Angel for you to make your life easier.

Look for some amazing new upgrades to make building relationships and doing coaching and follow-up a breeze coming to The Client Angel.

In the meantime, whether or not you use The Client Angel as your system, we would all love to hear your resolutions for the upcoming year. Post a comment and let us know so we can all be encouraging to you and your goals!!

Talk to you soon,