This is usually the spot where you read some fancy new blog post from me about direct sales, follow-up systems, and email marketing… however today is an exception! A few days ago, I came across a website on Sales Moms Network and loved it! The title, “How are You Differentiating Your Business from Your Competition?” is so relevant, and I'll tell you why: follow-up systems are exactly what make you different from your competition.

The way you make your calls, the number of calls and emails you send out daily, and sliding in those little details about how they want to go to New York so badly and you just happened to remember (but secretly you wrote it down), all matter and make you different. Your system should make them think to themselves, “Now this is why I switched over from my last Cookie Lee consultant!”

So click the link below to find out how else to differentiate yourself from the competition… C'mon, you know you want to!

Prove that you're different!