There will always be rules wherever you go in life and of course, this applies to your business. Follow these five rules and retain a happy customer network!

Rule #1: NEVER Argue 

Even if they’re wrong. Of course the customer isn’t always right! We’re all human, aren’t we? We can never all be right all of the time! However, instead of narrowing in on what goes wrong in a situation, establish a solution. Most people will be happy to do business with you again, even give a great review, if you’re willing to resolve the complaint (remember, it should be in their favor!).

Rule #2: You Must Commit 

Commit yourself to giving quality service to your customers. You will be lost without it. You, plus your employees, need to create a positive environment and experience for the customer. Go above and beyond their expectations. Ask yourself, “How do I want to be treated as a customer?” and exhibit EXACTLY that behavior.

Rule #3: Never Back Out 

Don’t break your promises. In other words, don’t back out of a deal they already secured with you. Do this and you lose your credibility and most likely, more customers (word of mouth spreads like wildfire!). Always keep in mind… guarantee something, and you HAVE to follow through! Otherwise, it could mean a string of bad reviews.
Rule #4: Focus on Them

Who are “them?” The customers of course! Sales are important, yes, but making customers is even more important. Without customers, there won’t BE sales. How often have you been in a store where you are bombarded by a salesperson asking, “Would you like to purchase this? That? How bout this?” All they care about is the quantity of the sale, not the quality. Keeping their business is way more important than the sale because chances are, even if they don’t buy something this time, next time the purchase will be a big one. And remember, it costs more to attract new customers than it does to keep one that already exists!

Rule #5: Details, Details, Details

This is the most important rule! Tailoring your customer service is the key to your business. When you tailor your service to that certain customer, they realize how closely you pay attention and then get to feel like your star client. Plus, their buying habits are important because once you know their buying habits, you can send them coupons and deals for those products. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from your customers. This is vital because if you never know how you’re doing, how will you improve? If you’re asking for it, most likely it will be constructive criticism, not complaints.