It’s that time of year to reconnect with family, friends, and fans! Today,we’re going to focus on family. I just love finding new and creative ways to stay connected!nI want to share an idea with you on how to stay connected with and/or reconnect with your family.

First of all, I want to take a brief moment to stop and say THANK YOU! I love and cherish connecting with you on a daily basis through email and Facebook. You inspire me each and every day to keep creating new ideas and ways to reconnect with others. I would just like to say how honored and blessed I am to have you in my circle!!

Now… onto the ideas for reconnecting with family…

There are the obvious ways to do so, such as cards, E-mails, and phone calls, but how about a couple of new and creative ways?

1. Family Blogs

One really great way to stay connected is to create a family blog. These are designed to create a story around your family's life and to share those experiences with friends and relatives. You can post anything you want (even videos and pictures) to keep a digital record that you and your loved ones can enjoy! If it's strictly for friends and family, you can protect your blog from the rest of the Web with a simple password.

This can be a great and easy way for relatives to see pictures and videos all in one place and at the same time. This way, you’re not sending out several holiday cards or E-mails to make sure everyone is informed. You just post it once and then they can see it from any computer, anywhere!
You can also create a calendar where you can post about birthday reminders and big family events!!

Here are awesome resources for you to create a family blog:,, and

Here’s a great article about creating a family blog:

Here are some examples to get you started:

You can also just google “Free Family Blogs” to get you started.

2. Facebook

Now, you probably don’t think of Facebook as a place to keep your family stuff, especially when you want it to be private. However, you can create Facebook pages with privacy settings where you can control who sees what is posted. You can post videos, pictures, and just stay in touch.
This may be something more for the younger generation, but it can be a fun way to stay in touch with relatives, especially if they’re across the country!

So get out there and start reconnecting with family. It will be so much fun!!