OK…this one I LOVE!!  You may have noticed if you follow me on facebook (click here to do that) that I love to post Quotes.  They get people excited and they love to read them.  Others all over facebook do the same thing.

Why not use these with your customers?  Why not once in a while as a way of staying in touch..send them a quote about life or something funny?

There are some great services out there that will send you daily quotes you can reuse and then you don’t have to go searching for them but will get them in your email.  You can pick and choose the ones you love and send them out.  Certain quotes may be great for certain groups of people..however you chose to do it..it is a great follow-up idea!!

Here is a list of links that have awesome quotes: List of Quote Sites

There are a ton of them out there…use one you like or search on your own…but just try it and see how it goes!!

Hugs – Jen