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What do Punch Cards, Jars and My Mom's Birthday Have In Common?  Learn this creative tip on how to get emails and grow your list!


Get Emails Using Punch Cards!


Hey everyone this is Jen here with a quick tip, because I just went out shopping to get my mom's birthday present and I saw a lady that was doing some really cool stuff and I wanted to do a really quick video and tell you all about it.  Punch cards can be a great way to get your customers to purchase more based on the incentive you give them for getting all their punches on their card.

I went to a little store called “it's a country thing” and the lady there gave me a punch card which I think I have talked about punch cards before with you guys and it's really cool.   So here's a picture that I wanted you to see of the punch cards and the glass jar. And it's just a cute little country store that sells Country Arts and Crafts but this lady was already doing some really cool marketing stuff to get emails that I wanted to kind of let you guys know about.



Punch Cards and Jars Vlog


Here is how she had her rewards set up and it was really awesome.  The punch card for her business had 10 punches on it and every time you made a purchase no matter what the purchase was you got a punch. And then when all of your punches were filled up on the card you put your card in this glass jar to be in the running for a $50 gift card to her store. Now not only is she enticing you to come back to her store to buy stuff which is really cool but then you have to write your name and email on the back of the card and then put the punch card to put in the glass jar for the $50 gift card.   Isn’t that so smart?????


get emails


So, then she's collecting names and getting emails as well.  So she's doing a little bit of both and I thought it was brilliant!!!  A lot of people just do a punch card where they give you a punch every time you purchase a certain amount and once you get your card filled up, you get a discount or amount of free product.  This business owner was doing multiple things at one time.  She was getting people back into her store to purchase again, giving them the chance to win a big prize, and collecting their names!  And….if you think about it, she was not having to give every person a $50 gift card, just the one she pulled out of the jar so she was saving money as well!  Sooooo smart!!!


Click below to watch the video!


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So anyway there is your tip for the day see if you can incorporate getting emails using both a punch card and the fishbowl into whatever you sell, it would be really great idea and an opportunity for you. Take this and run with it!!!!


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