I came across this tip a while ago and started doing it myself and just loved the idea of it and the results it got me.

When doing a home show or if you are out with a client, take a picture of the two of you together. Or…better yet, if you are at a home show, take a picture of all of the ladies at the show…don't forget to include yourself in the picture. It is crucial you are in the picture..figure out how to set a timer on your camera!!

Once the show is over, create a Thank You card with the picture on it of you and the host or you with all the ladies at the show. You can use Send Out Cards (a friend of mine introduced me) to do this and it is super easy.

When the hostess gets the card in the mail, she will be thrilled!! Now think about this…how many times do you ever throw away a picture of you? Never I would bet!! Sooooo…it makes sense that she will keep the picture and every time she looks at it, WAALAA…she will think of you too because you are in the picture as well!!

Brilliant way to keep your face (literally) in front of your customer.

Go get your cameras charged up and start taking those pictures 🙂