The Social Aspect

This may be more about marketing, but sometimes the way you market yourself affects  your customers (which affects your business). Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Instagram, and Foursquare, can have an impression on your business with one bad review. It used to be that one circle of friends or family would hear a bad review by word-of-mouth, but now with advanced technology, it’s EVERYWHERE.

There’s more importance on consistent and appropriate customer service now more than ever. How often do Fortune 500 companies engage with their customers over social media personally? Rarely. Yet the number of customers who are likely to try to resolve issues over outlets such as Facebook (now called Eservice) is estimated to increase by 53% in the next year.

Improving in your customer service experiences can only save you time and money. It can and will also increase your customer retention, revenues, and strengthen your brand.


The Process of Purchasing

I know when I try to complete a purchase online, I abandon it if it’s confusing and look elsewhere. You don’t want that to happen with your customers, do you? Many businesses have a long and drawn out process that results in low online purchases. Think about changing your process if:

  • You have more than five steps in the checkout process (this is an average number for online shopping, the less the better).
  • You don’t offer an option to checkout as a guest. Many times people want to buy a product, but have the option to not make an account. Most people go on sites that they don’t shop on very often, so most likely, they don’t want to have to create a username and password and input all of their information
  • Your process asks for the same information more than once. Many companies ask for customers information more than once and although it doesn’t seem like a hassle, many customers will roll their eyes at this.

These changes are important in the long run to keep the customers you already have, as well as creating new ones… And we all know, the way to create new ones is through the ones we already have.