Hello everyone,

We are so excited here to have just released a new feature in The Client Angel. It is a reminder e-mail that is sent to your personal e-mail address. Why is this so important???

Well, if you are like me, you are very busy. What this will do for you is if you are entering birthdays, anniversaries, hostess coaching calls, customer care calls, etc. into The Client Angel to be reminded of, this will make your life easier. Once you get logged in, you can set it up so that reminders are sent to you and if you are like me and carry a blackberry or iphone, you check your e-mail constantly.

Now you can have all your reminders right there in front of you so you can make those calls, pick up those cards you need to send out, etc. No need to log-in to see what you have upcoming.

You will still need to log-in of course to put items into the system but then WAALAA..no need to have to remember anything again. I just love this feature because I have sticky notes, reminders in my calendar at work, home, etc. I can't keep track of everything much less remember tidbits about all my customers so I can be more of their friend. I am soooo psyched about it.

If you have any questions about how it works, just let me know and I am happy to respond to you or call you and walk you through why this is so amazing!

YAY for less stress and more time for things we want to do.

Talk to you soon,