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Hey Peeps,
Hey, everyone, it's Jen back again with another video blog all about How to Motivate Your Team and even yourself with some simple tips you can start today! Keeping your team members motivated is an important part of leadership but will also help to keep you motivated with your direct sales business. Check out this quick video and then tell me what you think over on our exclusive Client Angel Facebook Page.

How To Motivate Your Team

So one of the things that I did a survey on a while back was some of the issues that you guys were having and what we could do to help and the number one thing short of organization was how to motivate team members. So there was a couple of ideas that I wanted to share with you guys today about motivating people on your team or even just yourself in general.

One of them is if you are a team leader to create a Facebook page just for you and your team so that you can share ideas, post training and you can have guest trainers.  I'm always happy to hop on the line with a team and train them on follow up and motivation.   Anything where you to have a community because sometimes your teams are spread across multiple states and even countries. Having something like a team Facebook page where you can have all of your people together in one space is really motivating and it helps people get to know each other.

And the second thing, if you're an angel factor member, you know that I do these a ton which are contests and they can be super simple and very fun. I do points system for follow-up so people have to do certain things to get points.  Those items are always about follow up because of course, that's what I’m always teaching about. But you can do it for anything, you could do it for booking a show, talking to someone about the opportunity, just doing follow up in general which I would be thrilled with, anything like that but you can set a number of points for each thing they do and give them a week or so to get as much done as they can and collect as many points as they can and then whoever gets the most points win the prize.

Contests are really, really motivating for people and the prize can be something super simple. It can be having them to take a picture with a crown on their head and you post it on your Facebook page that they are the winner for the week and they were crowned the Queen or something silly like that.  Or you could send them a $10 gift card or like the payday candy bar you know because they're going to get a big payday for working on their business. Fun little things like that are always excellent to do for your team.

So in the comments below please make sure you say if you do anything that's fun and motivating for your team or something that gets your team going.  How do you get them excited about wanting to build their business so that we can all share with each other and help spread the word and everybody can build their business together?

So if you are just watching me for the first time and have not grabbed my free eBook, it is “12 ways to make your customers love you so much, they invite you on vacation” and we all want that. And yes I would love to talk to you, chat with you, leave some comments  I would also love if you share this video with everybody that you know because any way that we can spread the word and help people is always a good day.