Have you ever wondered how the top leaders learned leadership skills?


Leadership Skills are something that can be learned from others and this is exactly what we are talking about today!


Want to know what leaders are doing to help develop and grow their team so everyone is involved and nurtured along?


Well…Anna Neuschwanger Johnson


Leadership Skills











Anna has been with 31 Gifts since 2015 and shot up to the top.  After just a year and a half, she was #9 in the company for recruiting and also having those recruits sell $1,000 or more!  Since then, she has stayed in the top of her company for sales!


She does all of her leadership with her team on-line because they are spread all over the United States.


She didn't start out with great organization but had to learn quickly how to keep her new recruits engaged and also how to teach the leaders under how to train their recruits.


The BIGGEST question she gets from her team and other leaders is:












Anna has created a system that she shares on our Live so you definitely need to pop over HERE and check it out!


She literally breaks it down step-by-step for us so you too can learn her leadership skills and how she had grown such a great team.


Leadership skills require you not only to be organized with everyone on your team but also you need to have relationships with your recruits as well.  Anna talks about how she remembers things about her recruits so when she reaches out using her system, she can start with personal conversation and then get down to business!


There are 2 very important questions Anna asks every new recruit on her team (especially if they are not a direct recruit of hers):

  1.  Tell me about yourself?
  2. Where do you see this business fitting into your life?


leadership skills











You don't want to miss out on how Anna organizes herself and keeps a team growing but also keeps them motivated to keep selling!


Check it out here!!


I am so excited for you to learn from one of the top leaders in 31 Gifts!


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