Increase Your Sales

Hi Everyone!!

Have you ever tried to Increase Your Sales for back to school?  It is a great time as most moms are regaining their life after getting the kiddos back in school….not that they don't have a life over the summer but you know what I mean.

Everyone is getting back into routines and it can be a great time to offer a fun sale to celebrate Back To School…and who doesn't want to increase your sales?

Using a fun and colorful flyer with some products you have on sale can be a great way to catch your customer’s eyes.  Check out this cool flyer I found from a Mary Kay rep for a Back To School Sale.

Increase Your Sales

Increase Your Sales With A Back To School Offer!

This can just be a fun way to really get everyone back into the mode of Back To School and a way for moms to pamper themselves for surviving the summer…LOL

Another way to get more orders with this is to turn it into a mystery hostess party.  Tell everyone that orders, that they are in the running for the free products.  Or, if you want some of the free products as well, then split them with winner.  Either way, someone gets something free for ordering!

Check out this other flyer done by a Scentsy rep where it broke down their products based on the age of the children.  You can even bundle offers together and offer a discount.  Such a cool idea!

You can build these kinds of flyers in Canva.  They have a free version where they have some free samples of flyers you can use and then some you can pay for.

If you want some more templates and ideas, you can check out my Business Templates where I have these already built for you to just put in the picture of your product and the price.

Being visual with your customers is a great way to make your products stand out!

Comment and let me know if you have ever tried one of these types of sales for Back To School.  Post your pics of the things you have done so we can all share ideas and help each other!

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