Have you ever thought about doing a hostess of the month club?

Hostess of the Month clubs can be a great way to generate some sales consistently each month for your business. I did a live broadcast on my Facebook page recently with Holly Miller of 31 gifts that was jam packed with information on how to do a great hostess of the month club.


Are you ready to have your business explode like Holly's did???


In fact I was actually one of Holly's hostesses over the 6 month period that she ran the club.

Check out our live video where we talked about what it takes to make sure your hostesses get the most bang for their buck.
Want to know what you will learn on this live video?
1.  Ways to make your hostesses that sign up feel special and get things that no other hostesses get.
2.  What is the right amount of time to run a hostess of the month club so that your hostesses don't want to bail before they ever get to their chance to be a hostess.
3.  How much each person needs to spend every month when it is not her time to be a hostess so that the person being the hostess can get the most rewards for that month.
4.  Holly's SECRET idea that got her Hostess of the Month club filled (you don't want to miss this!)
This live it is only 20 minutes and even though there are a few spots where it is grainy or hard to hear you will get so much information out of this.  You need to go and Like the Client Angel Facebook page so you can get all the goodies that are posted there!  I spend a ton of time finding resources to make things easier for your business as well as doing these lives so you learn from those in the field.
Go now and watch this live so you can run your own Hostess of the Month club and get your 2019 started off right!!!