I am posting this a day earlier than I usually do.  However, I just wanted to say to all my peeps out there


Valentine's Day is not just for couples but for everyone in general to show how thankful they are for those people in their lives.  This can mean your customers too!

Here are a few ways to show the “LOVE” to your customers:

1.  Send them an e-mail valentine with a special just for the day.  Let them know that you appreciate them and care about them as a customer.  This is just an extra little thing to do in addition to the birthday, anniversary, etc.  shout-outs you send them.

2.  You can use Google Alerts to “woo” your customers.  Here is how it works…lets say that you have a customer who loves dogs.  You can set up a google alert to be sent to you on all things dogs.  It will scan the internet and send you updates on everything going on with that topic (you may want to have a more narrow topic).  The point is that when you see a great article or something he/she may like, you can e-mail it to them and Google is doing all the work for you!!

3.  For your best customers or your top 10, send them a box of chocolates in the mail or something you know they love.  You don't have to do this for every customer but it really makes the top customers feel really special and tell them they are in your top 10.

Really think of ways to show your customers appreciation and I promise it will show up in your business bottom line!

OK..just wanted to throw in another picture…this past weekend was my last basketball tournament with my 12 and under team.  Here they all are touching my ever expanding belly (about 3 weeks left).  That is my dad and Alyssa (the other coach and a very dear friend) sitting behind us!  Just a little glimpse into my life 🙂

Hugs to you all,