I am so excited about the upcoming month!!

I have a coaching session with a high-end coach to find out ways to get The Client Angel out there in a bigger way.


I am also very excited to be part of Julie Anne Jones' coaching program which is getting started now.  She is AMAZING when it comes to helping Direct Sellers and she will give you bite size chunks (10 minutes a week) to help you grow your Direct Sales business.

Check out her website and all about her coaching program here:

Smart Simple Systems


Whew!!  We also just completed a teleseminar with the DSWA or Direct Selling Women's Association.  They are an amazing resource of telseminars and ideas for any Direct Seller looking to expand her/his business.  You can find them here:


If you want to listen to that call, just click over to the events/telseminars tab and download the call to listen to at your convenience.


Last but not least, I have 8 weeks to go until baby #2 arrives.  Check out my baby bump!!

We can't wait and I am so ready right now!

I hope all of you have a great week and I will continue to find great programs and give you great ideas every Tuesday.

Let me know your thoughts below and I will “see” you all back next Tuesday.