Hey out there,

Sorry for not updating for a while but it has been very busy around here.  We are rolling out some great new features into The Client Angel and it has been taking up some of my time!!

But I wanted to tell you about an experience I just had with my insurance company.  First…here is why I had to contact them:

During the bad storms we had here, a lovely tree fell on my car and the corner of our house!!  I won't get my car back for 2 months and even though the damage to our house was minimal (thanks to my car breaking the fall!!), it is still rough to go through.

With that in mind…let me tell you about my experience.  I called my insurance company and not really ever having done this before (this was my first real crisis with an insurance company involved) not knowing what to expect.

The lady I talked to on the phone was AMAZING.  She was very patient with me because I could barely remember my name much less answer all the questions she was asking.  She walked me through the whole process and was really sweet and made sure I understood what I needed to do and was ok before hanging up with me.

I was blown away!!  I felt so much better after talking to her.

Then I had to take my car to the adjustor and finally to the place to have it fixed.  All these people were great and helpful and I couldn't have had a better experience with a smashed car 🙂

So..here is my point for today!!  Make sure when you get on the phone with someone, always be helpful and nice.  You have no idea what they have been through that day and sometimes having a friendly voice on the other end makes all the difference in what they may be dealing with.  Even if they say they can't talk at that moment, just say that is ok and you will call back later.  Don't take it personal and get upset.  They can hear it in you voice and you always want to be the positive, upbeat person calling them!!