We now have goals set for the New Year and if you are in Direct Sales…they are most likely:

  • Book more parties
  • Either get a downline or grow your downline
  • Increase sales

All of these goals involve getting new customers or meeting new people or getting your current customers to rebook or sign up for the business.  So…how do we go about staying in touch or reaching out to these people?

I am a big believer in getting to know your customers and downline on a personal level.  What this does for you is give you a reason to stay in touch with them.  Once you know they have children, are in a book club, going on vacation, love to run marathons, etc…you have a reason to stay in touch.  How do you do this?  Well..it is very easy!!

Let’s say for instance you have a customer who loves to run marathons…well when you see a run coming up in your area, send her the link and ask her if she is running in the race…you would love to support her with a donation or come and cheer her on.

Do you see how this can be a positive experience and reason for you to keep in touch with her?  Then once you develop the relationship with her, it is easier to ask for her to host a party or tell her about  a sale you have going on!

Try and learn one thing about each of your downline and customers and use that information to stay in touch with them and grow relationships.  You will not believe how it will positively affect your business!

Hugs – Jen